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Founded in 2003, DigiScribe Transcription Corp. (DigiScribe) is a specialized company in the field of IT-Enabled Services (ITES) with special focus on (MT) Medical Transcription to satisfy the global medical transcription requirements. With a major player in the Tertiary Level - I.T. Education in the region as one of its partners, DigiScribe has the resources and the opportunity to develop the desired quality and quantity of manpower needed for the medical transcription company.

DigiScribe is a pioneer in medical transcription services in the suburbs of the Philippines. Located in a major industrial and educational hub, south of Manila, and having four major telecommunications companies offering their services, it offers a great environment for the development of Outsourced I.T. Services.

DigiScribe also offers clients content outsourcing options that optimize skill sets and labor costs for services spanning North America, Europe and Asia. With a training facility as one of its core business, the continuous recruitment and training of future staff for the outsourced projects should be smooth flowing.


  • Our US Based file transfer system is equipped with a highly secure SSL 128bit encryption, with VERISIGNTM secured user names and passwords. It is HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and has a 24/7 electronic audit trail of data. You can actually determine who has seen the document, when they saw it, and, what they did to it (signed, edit, print, fax, email).

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